A brief description of the service

This service is provided to obtain the approval of the authority, to get rid of expiry documents as stated in the retention tables that were adopted

Rules and conditions

1. Fill in the table for the documents meant for obliteration
2. Attach the obliteration form.
3. After the authority consent, the administrative unit must tear all documents into parts and work to recycle them as quick as possible. As for other documents, all contained data should be deleted and they can still keep containers for reuse if possible.
4. The concerned institution must prepare a report for all obliteration cases including the completed form and the authority agreement and send a copy of the report to the authority.

The Required approvals (internally and externally)

1. The approval of the institution (section – unit) which creates that particular record.
2. The approval of the division which concerned with record management in the concerned party (Record Department – Record Unit)
3. The National Records and Archives Authority Approval