What is the National Test Center?

It is a center for testing and certifying Electronic Records and Document Management Systems (EDRMS) based on NRAA’s National Standards and Guidelines and the Functional Specifications (ISO 16175). This includes systems used by government agencies, or those systems being marketed by companies in Oman to government agencies. Moreover, this center is operated by the National Records & Archives Authority.


Objectives of National Test Center:

The National Test Center seek to achieve the following objectives:
1. Ensure that all EDRMS in use by government agencies in the Sultanate of Oman are compliant with the national standards & guidelines for the management of electronic documents and records.
2. Provide a useful reference for government agencies, which includes details of compliant EDRMS systems, to facilitate their procurement of such systems.


Scope of work of the National Test Center:

1. Formal testing of EDRMS solutions where the testing criteria are based on NRAA’s national standards & guidelines and the functional specifications (ISO 16175).
2. Issue Certificate of Compliance for systems that are successful in the format testing. This will give the companies that are certified the priority to participate in EDRMS tenders.
3. Prepare lists of all such certified systems which will be circulated to all government agencies in the Sultanate of Oman.


Who can apply for certification testing?

1. All government agencies and government-owned corporations
2. All companies with EDRMS-related products that they wish to market in the Sultanate of Oman.

Links related To the National Test Center:

Please Download and see the below links before applying for the Certification Testing in the National Test Center.
>> Test Procedure



To Register in the National Test Center:

To apply for the Certification Testing in the National Test Center please fill the form bellow and send “vendor registration Form “to edrms@nraa.gov.om


Contact details:

Phone numbers: +96824130132 +96824130109